Counseling and Referrals

In addition to providing dispute resolution services, the PAMP case manager also provides counseling on tenant/landlord and neighbor/neighbor rights and responsibilities, as well as referrals to other housing services as appropriate.

Tenant/landlord: Counseling and education are available to both tenants and landlords on their rights and responsibilities. Typical issues include:

  • Security deposits

  • Rent increases

  • Repair and maintenance requests

  • Problems with the behavior of other tenants

  • Non-payment of rent and other lease violations

  • Break lease disputes

Along with counseling and education, the PAMP case manager can provide referrals, including:

  • Referral to Fair Housing for questions about housing discrimination when securing housing or when experiencing differential treatment in rental housing

  • Referral to other housing services or agencies for rent payment assistance, legal aid, social services, etc.

Neighbor/neighbor: Counseling and education are available regarding the rights and responsibilities of neighbors. Typical issues include fences, trees, parking, property line disputes, barking dogs, and bothersome behavior.

All counseling and referral services are free, neutral and confidential. Contact the PAMP case manager at 650-856-4062 to access these services.